[Video] Using Your Voice as a Background Instrument

Background vocals are great for harmonies. But you can also use your voice as a background instrument to just add a bit of texture to your productions.

This is what I call “Background Vocals”, or BGV’s. It’s where you basically sing an instrumental part with your voice.

See an example in today’s video.

Ever used BGV’s in your own songs? Any neat tricks you’d like to share? Leave a comment!


  1. It is a trick I use a lot and worth pointing out. I will add a little ADT sometimes to thicken further.
    Not quite the same thing but also worth a mention is using BGV and adding careful reverse reverb to add a contrasting texture, but I add it sparingly.

    • Hey Clive,

      Very cool! Thanks for the comment.

      Yeah BGV’s can definitely take a beating as far as processing goes. ADT, reverb, reverse reverb, etc. can be great for shaping the texture.


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