[Video] The Case For Splitting a Track In Two

Sometimes you want the processing for a track to be different for various sections of the song. For example, maybe you want a different EQ curve on a track based on the different instrumentation that’s going on in a particular section of the song. There are a few ways to do that. Today’s video outlines […]

How To Avoid Editing

An often inevitable part of the production process is editing. The editing phase encompasses several things. This is where we comp together all of our takes, maybe move some audio segments around if needed, and try to fix up some mistakes in the recording. But a big part of editing is what I call “tightening”. […]

To Autotune or not to Autotune?

In my free ebook, The Art of Music Production, there is an entire chapter on “Editing”. Editing is the part of the production process that comes right after recording, and just before mixing. The primary components are: Comping together the best takes of your recordings Fixing the timing and tuning of your recorded tracks. Today […]