Here are some fantastic online resources that I personally have found extremely helpful in my journey as a home studio owner. Full disclosure: these are all affiliate products. If you do make a purchase, I will get a cut. But here’s the truth: I only recommend products that I myself have purchased, that have worked well for me, and that I truly believe will work well for you. If you want to take your music to the next level, have a look at the amazing products below.

Dueling Mixes

Dueling Mixes

Dueling Mixes is the best mixing resource on the internet. Period. I simply cannot tell you how much my mixes have improved over the months because of Dueling Mixes.

In a nutshell, every month you get the multitrack recordings for a song that you can mix yourself. This is great practice in itself. But beyond just that, you also get two finished mixes of those same tracks by two very talented mix engineers, Joe Gilder and Graham Cochrane. You can reference these tracks, and you can also vote for which one you like better, forcing you to practice your critical listening.

If that isn’t enough, you also get two training videos, showing you how Joe and Graham mixed their versions of the song.

And you get all of this every month! And if you take part and do the work every month, I guarantee that your mixes will get better.

If you want your mixes to get better faster, check out Dueling Mixes today.

Understanding EQ and Understanding Compression

Understanding EQ

EQ and compression are the bread and butter of mixing. When I was just getting started, I was lucky enough to come across these fantastic, and pretty inexpensive resources.

In the Understanding EQ video training course, Joe walks you through how different frequency bands sound, how to know what to cut and boost, and how to train your ear to be able to pick up on issues at different frequencies. It gave my mixing a jump start, and can do the same for you.



Understanding CompressionIn Understanding Compression, Joe teaches you how a compressor works, and what the various settings do. More importantly, he shows you exactly how to arrive at the right setting when mixing actual music. It’s very practical, and very hands-on. A must-have for any mix engineer, in my opinion.

Production Club

Production Club

Home Studio Corner’s Production Club is what got me back on my feet with mixing.

I had been recording and mixing back in high school, but when university hit, I really didn’t have the time to spend on it. But soon after graduating, I found that my interest level was increasing again. Long story short, I found the Production Club, and I was hooked again.

In the Production Club, you’re walked through the entire production process, from pre-production, all the way to the final masters. You get to sit back and watch as Joe produces an entire song before your eyes, teaching you what he’s doing along the way.

I highly recommend producing your own song along with him to get the most out of this course. By the time you’re done the course, you’ll have a song fully produced, and much more knowledge and confidence moving into the next project.

This course is a little more pricy. But it will do far more good for your productions than any comparably priced piece of gear of software would. If you want to bump your productions up to the next level, consider investing in yourself by taking the Production Club training course.