[Video] Arrangement Tip: Change things up

Hey there! Got a new video for you today. This video contains a tip for how to keep your listener’s attention through the entire song, and lead them through the musical journey. The tip? Change things up. Watch the video to learn more. What do you think? Do you have ways that you like to […]


How To Make Your Chorus Stand Out

Keeping with the theme of this week’s video, today I would like to give you some ways to make the chorus of your song “pop” or stand out. Even though the video showed a mixing tip, you should really start thinking about making your chorus stand out at a much earlier stage of the game. […]

Thoughts on Writing Great Songs

Great audio productions all have one big thing in common. They start with a great song. Yes, production quality, instrumentation, and good performance is all important. But it’s all gotta start with a great song. Otherwise, you can spend a whole lot of effort on creating a great sounding song that people just don’t care […]