When to STOP Recording

If you’re like me, you might find it hard to know when you’re done. Specifically, when recording a song. How do you know when you’ve recorded enough? How do you know when you’ve overdone it? The answer is difficult because it really depends on the song. Some songs feel best when they’re full to the brim […]

When To Scrap Your Hard Work

Have you ever found it hard to scrap something that you just knew wasn’t working? You know you need to get rid of it. But maybe you just couldn’t admit it to yourself. Maybe it was a song on your album that didn’t fit. You didn’t want to scrap it because you had spent so […]

Gear Without Skill Is Useless

I know I’ve been harping on this lately, but hear me out. I re-watched a great movie the other night called Real Steel. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. Hugh Jackman plays the character Charlie Kenton, a former boxer who, in a slightly futuristic world, is now into “robot boxing”. Basically, they […]

Overcome Your Fear of Failure

I’m doing something scary in a couple of weeks. I’ve been a musician for as long as I can remember. I’m super comfortable playing in front of people. But in a couple of weeks, I’m having a concert to officially release my new EP. And it’s terrifying. Why is it so scary? What makes this […]