5 Things To Do Before Starting Your EP

If you’ve been following Indie Artist Lounge for a little while, you probably know that I’ve been working on an EP. I think an EP is a great project for home studio artists. An EP is like a mini-album, and usually doesn’t have too many songs. This means that it doesn’t take as much time […]

Top 5 Drum Mixing Tips

A subscriber emailed me recently, asking about mixing drums. Inspired by the email, today I would like to give you my “Top 5” tips for mixing drums. Before I dive in, let me say this: The first step is to record a good sounding drum kit. Hopefully by now this should go without saying. But […]

Productivity in the Studio

Normally here on Indie Artist Lounge, we talk about techniques for recording and producing music. But unfortunately, as much as we love making music, many of us waste a lot of time in our studios. For most of us, music is a hobby we do on the side. We are passionate about it, but often […]

The Pre-production Process

Recording is a lot of fun. So much fun, in fact, that it can be all too easy to dive headfirst into the recording process without giving much thought to what we’re going to do. We just start recording and see what happens. The problem is that a great production requires intentionality, and the only […]

Vocal Compression Techniques

It can be so hard to get the vocals right. It’s the part that everyone is going to listen to most intently in the final product. And let’s face it: if the vocal sounds bad, the song sounds bad. That’s just how it is. There are many things that go into a great vocal production, […]

How To Use Multiple Microphones To Your Advantage

I usually record with one mic, because it’s simple. It means less gear, less cords, and less phase issues. For these reasons, I typically would recommend that if you can get a good recording with a single mic, just do it. However, there’s a lot of cool stuff you can do with multiple mics. Or […]

When to STOP Recording

If you’re like me, you might find it hard to know when you’re done. Specifically, when recording a song. How do you know when you’ve recorded enough? How do you know when you’ve overdone it? The answer is difficult because it really depends on the song. Some songs feel best when they’re full to the brim […]