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Dueling Mixes

Also, if you’re really serious about honing your skills and making better music in your home studio, then you gotta check out Dueling Mixes. It is the best resource on the web today to help you improve your mixing skills, along with improving your recordings and your critical listening.

As a member of Dueling Mixes, you’ll have access to…

  • A new multitrack recording every month to practice your mixing skills
  • Two finished mixes by experienced mix engineers for you to reference against
  • Two training videos, showing you how they arrived at their finished mixes
  • A vote for which mix you like best, forcing you to practice your critical and detailed listening

As a bonus, all of the tracks are very well recorded, and a pleasure to mix. Not only do you get to practice your mixing skills, but you start to develop an ear for what good recordings sound like, giving you something to strive for in your own recordings.

I only recommend products that I truly believe in. Since joining Dueling Mixes, my skill has improved substantially, and I want YOU to have that same experience. If you become a member, take in the monthly training, and put in the practice, your mixes will get better every time.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Dueling Mixes today!