[Video] When Two Electric Guitar Tracks Is Enough

On most of the songs on my latest EP, I have lots of tracks going on.

I love layering electric guitar tracks on top of each other to create nice big walls of sound. I spoke recently about how to get a big sound with only 7 guitar tracks.

But in one song, I went even more minimal. I only recorded two electric guitar parts. And the song still sounds nice and big and full.

I think there’s a lesson here. Check it out in the video below.

What do you think? Do you ever find that a minimal number of tracks works best sometimes? Leave a comment!


2 thoughts on “[Video] When Two Electric Guitar Tracks Is Enough

  1. Totally agree. Record what you need to serve the song. Overdoing it with unnecessary tracks will only be detrimental. I was working on a song recently that had just one rhythm electric guitar. I thought, “maybe I’ll make it sound bigger with an acoustic.” I recorded the acoustic part, and it totally didn’t work for the song. One electric rhythm guitar was all the song needed. Thanks!


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