[Video] Tambourine Trick To Give Your Drums More Texture

On my latest EP, I tried something out with a tambourine that I had heard in other productions.

It’s a simple little trick, easy to do, but I think it adds something really cool to an otherwise basic drum beat.

Check it out in today’s video!

What do you think? Got any other cool tambourine tricks you want to share? Leave a comment!


6 thoughts on “[Video] Tambourine Trick To Give Your Drums More Texture

  1. When I first started playing with drum machines back in the late 80s, I used to forgo the hat in favor of a shaker-tambourine or maracas-tambourine combo. In one version, the shaker or maracas would follow 8th or 16th notes (depending on the sound–some of them were a double sound, and some were just a single sound) and the tambourine would hit on the snare. In another, the tambourine and shaker would be on each beat, and the single shaker sound would be alone on the eighth beats in between. I would also use scrapers, vibra-slaps, and other things in place of cymbals. It creates a stark, exotic feel that stays out of the way of any brightness from the instruments, especially guitar.


    1. Mmmm, very cool idea, Rob! I definitely think that adding percussion is a great way to add interest and vibe to your drums. Very neat ideas! Thanks for sharing 🙂



    1. Glad you liked the videos! Yeah I love this tambourine trick. It would help if I had a better tambourine. But even so, it sounds pretty cool.

      Actually, I have a friend who has one of those hi-hat tambourines so he can do this kind of thing live when playing his drums just by closing the hi-hat. I might have to get me one of those!



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