[Video] Arrangement Tip: Cut Things Out

Sometimes, a track might be working so well in your recording that you actually take it too far. It might be that the track is working for part of the song, but you would be better off getting rid of it in the rest of the song. I experienced this on my latest EP. Check […]

3 Ways To Avoid Clutter In Your Mix

Have you ever felt like your mix was cluttered? All of your tracks sounded great, but when you put them together, it just seemed like there’s too much? In this age of unlimited track count, it can be all too easy to needlessly clutter up your mix. Just because you can record whatever comes to […]

[Video] The Case For Splitting a Track In Two

Sometimes you want the processing for a track to be different for various sections of the song. For example, maybe you want a different EQ curve on a track based on the different instrumentation that’s going on in a particular section of the song. There are a few ways to do that. Today’s video outlines […]

[Video] Arrangement Tip: Change things up

Hey there! Got a new video for you today. This video contains a tip for how to keep your listener’s attention through the entire song, and lead them through the musical journey. The tip? Change things up. Watch the video to learn more. What do you think? Do you have ways that you like to […]

Annoying Technical Issues And How To Fix Them

Have you ever had “clicks” and “pops” in your recordings or mixes? Have you ever had a dialog box pop up and tell you that the system got overloaded and had to stop? Or that your hard drive was too slow? It really sucks. Especially when it distracts you from making music. No one wants […]

Top Lessons I Learned from my EP

As you’ve probably heard, I released my new EP¬†last week. It’s called You Never Let Me Go. I hope you’ve had a chance to listen. If so, please let me know what you think! I’d love to hear from you. Today, I want to reflect on my Top Lessons that I learned during the production […]

5 Big Wins For Your Mix

Mixing is definitely one of the most fun parts of the music production process. It’s super rewarding to take your recorded tracks, make them fit together, and really get them to shine. And assuming you’ve done your work up front and recorded great sounding tracks, then you’ll skip over most of the frustration that people […]

EP Release and Giveaway

I’m very excited today to announce that my new EP has finally been released! Check out the video below for more information. Make sure to watch to the end for an opportunity to win free stuff.