[Video] Arrangement Tip: Cut Things Out

Sometimes, a track might be working so well in your recording that you actually take it too far.

It might be that the track is working for part of the song, but you would be better off getting rid of it in the rest of the song.

I experienced this on my latest EP. Check out today’s video for an explanation of what I did, why I did it, and what you should look for in your own mixes and recordings.

Ever been in the situation where you felt that muting a track, or simply not recording it, was your best bet? Tell me about it by leaving a comment below!


4 thoughts on “[Video] Arrangement Tip: Cut Things Out

  1. Yeah Alex, you are right about that, i cut a lot of stuff, also the wholle tracks…
    I love your music man, i really do. So rellaxing and powerfull.
    Best regards!


    1. Hey man. Thanks for the comment! Yup, the old saying “less is more” definitely applies to productions in a lot of ways. Not to say that more tracks is necessarily a bad thing. But they all have to fit together and serve a purpose. Otherwise it’s just clutter.



  2. Absolutely. No need to have every instrument playing all the time. Being mindful of the arrangement like this definitely helps with keeping the song interesting and varying the dynamics. Thanks!


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