[Video] Overlapping Vocals

Overlapping vocals is a great way to add some interest to your recordings and productions. It’s easy to do, and can work really well in some situations. Check out how to do it in today’s video. What do you think? Ever used this technique on your recordings? How did it go? Leave a comment!

[Video] Using Your Voice as a Background Instrument

Background vocals are great for harmonies. But you can also use your voice as a background instrument to just add a bit of texture to your productions. This is what I call “Background Vocals”, or BGV’s. It’s where you basically sing an instrumental part with your voice. See an example in today’s video. Ever used […]

[Video] Arrangement Tip: Cut Things Out

Sometimes, a track might be working so well in your recording that you actually take it too far. It might be that the track is working for part of the song, but you would be better off getting rid of it in the rest of the song. I experienced this on my latest EP. Check […]

3 Ways To Avoid Clutter In Your Mix

Have you ever felt like your mix was cluttered? All of your tracks sounded great, but when you put them together, it just seemed like there’s too much? In this age of unlimited track count, it can be all too easy to needlessly clutter up your mix. Just because you can record whatever comes to […]