[Video] Overlapping Vocals

Overlapping vocals is a great way to add some interest to your recordings and productions.

It’s easy to do, and can work really well in some situations.

Check out how to do it in today’s video.

What do you think? Ever used this technique on your recordings? How did it go? Leave a comment!


4 thoughts on “[Video] Overlapping Vocals

  1. Nice demo. I know we’ve all heard this technique before, but it’s easy to forget about it when making our own music. A simple way to make your arrangement more interesting (if used sparingly, like you said!) Diggin’ the quick videos. Thanks!


    1. Yeah, it’s pretty neat. I had also heard it before, but didn’t start trying it out until I heard it in a Dueling Mixes song. I think it was one of Graham’s, actually. Anyway, it can work really well.

      Glad you’re enjoying the videos!


  2. Great Vid Alex,
    Question for you.. Because I am not the best vocalist It many times take 20 recordings to get my vocals down. Every time I do something a little different.. Maybe because I think way too much. LOL But how is it that you do such a great job in matching your volume and position in front of the mic every time. I’m sure just like me many times you are running back and fourth between your DAW hitting the record and the Mic.

    Al Tone


    1. Thanks, Al!

      Very good question. There are a few parts to my answer.

      First, it has to do with distance. If you are further away from the microphone, then small changes in distance don’t have as big of an impact. As you can imagine, if you are 8 inches away from the mic, and you shift around an inch or so, it’s not going to be as drastic as if you’re 3 inches away, right?

      But I actually use a nice little trick to ensure that I stay a consistent volume. I actually use the pop filter. I’ll place the pop filter a certain distance away from the mic, and then I’ll sing directly into the filter. If I want to get closer or further away from the mic to get a better tone, I’ll move the pop filter so it’s where I want to be. I always sing directly into the filter, and that makes it consistent for me. It even works if you want to try mic’ing the vocal off-axis or something. Just place the pop filter, and sing directly into it.

      Hope that helps man!


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